Gradle Commands

Learning a build automation system or at least understanding the concept behind them is a mandatory skill set for any software engineering.

Similar to Apache Ant and Apache Maven, Gradle is an open source build automation system that comes as an improvement of established concepts.

It can handle large multi-project software systems, it is designed to be IDE agnostic and it can also be used by continues integration tools such as Jenkins.

Gradle Commands

Test the Gradle installation:

$ gradle


To see a list of available tasks:

$ gradle tasks


List of available tasks and their dependencies

$ gradle tasks --all


To run a task:

$ gradle name_of_task


To install in local Maven repository (prerequisite: apply plugin: ‘maven’)

$ gradle install


Enabling the Gradle Daemon (a long-lived background process that executes your builds much more quickly)

$ gradle --daemon


touch ~/.gradle/ && echo "org.gradle.daemon=true" >> ~/.gradle/


Disabling the Gradle Daemon

$ gradle --stop


To be continued…

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