Android Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

Learning your IDE can make your life easier. Nuff said.

Yeah, it is a hassle, in the beginning learning something new always is, but if you take the time you will never go back.

Once you go keyboard, you’ll never go back.

These are some keyboard shortcuts that I use, the list is obviously not complete and I do encourage further reading on the topic.

A simple description together with the shortcut is enough if you try them yourself. So try them yourself and see what happens.

Android Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

Find usage:

Ctrl + Alt + 7


Add to git:

Ctrl + Alt + A


Push commits:

Ctrl + Shift + K


Revert changes:

Ctrl + Alt + Z


Open terminal window:

Alt + F12


Navigate to a class:

Ctrl + N


Navigate to a file:

Ctrl + Shift + N


Create a test for a class and other options (prerequisite select the class name in code):

Alt + Enter


Find in path:

Ctrl + Shift + F


Run application:

Shift + F10


Debug application:

Shift + F9


Rename, depending on context:

Shift + F6


New or generate, depending on context:

Alt + Insert


Search everywhere:

Shift x 2


Line comment, toggle or untoggle:

Ctrl + /


Block comment, toggle or untoggle:

Ctrl + Shift + /


Find in file:

Ctrl + F


Replace in file:

Ctrl + R


Indent code:

Ctrl + Alt + I


Extract method:

Ctrl + Alt + M



Ctrl + NumPad+



Ctrl + NumPad-


Expand all:

Ctrl + Shift + NumPad+


Collapse all:

Ctrl + Shift + NumPad-


Go to method implementation:

Ctrl + Alt + B


Toggle uppercase/lowercase:

Ctrl + Shift + U


To be continued…

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